Textual Statistics (TextoMineR)
Multidimensional statistical methods for textual analysis.
Inference on Single Binomial Proportion and Bayesian Computations (proportion)
Abundant statistical literature has revealed the importance of constructing and evaluating various methods for constructing confidence intervals (CI) for single binomial proportion (p). We comprehensively provide procedures in frequentist (approximate with or without adding pseudo counts or continuity correction or exact) and in Bayesian cultures. Evaluation procedures for CI warrant active computational attention and required summaries pertaining to four criterion (coverage probability, expected length, p-confidence, p-bias, and error) are implemented.
Principal Component of Explained Variance (pcev)
Principal component of explained variance (PCEV) is a statistical tool for the analysis of a multivariate response vector. It is a dimension-reduction technique, similar to Principal component analysis (PCA), which seeks the maximize the proportion of variance (in the response vector) being explained by a set of covariates.