Providing ‘stringsAsFactors=FALSE’ Variants of ‘data.frame()’ and ‘’ (hellno)
Base R’s default setting for ‘stringsAsFactors’ within ‘data.frame()’ and ‘’ is supposedly the most often complained about piece of code in the R infrastructure. The ‘hellno’ package provides an explicit solution without changing R itself or having to mess around with options. It tries to solve this problem by providing alternative ‘data.frame()’ and ‘’ functions that are in fact simple wrappers around base R’s ‘data.frame()’ and ‘’ with ‘stringsAsFactors’ option set to ‘HELLNO’ ( which in turn equals FALSE ) by default.
Change Point Analysis in ARIMA Forecasting (AEDForecasting)
Package to incorporate change point analysis in ARIMA forecasting.
Regularized Model with Selecting the Number of Non-Zeros (ADMMnet)
Fit linear and cox models regularized with net (L1 and Laplacian), elastic-net (L1 and L2) or lasso (L1) penalty, and their adaptive forms, such as adaptive lasso and net adjusting for signs of linked coefficients. In addition, it treats the number of non-zero coefficients as another tuning parameter and simultaneously selects with the regularization parameter. The package uses one-step coordinate descent algorithm and runs extremely fast by taking into account the sparsity structure of coefficients.