Avoid the Typical Working Directory Pain When Using ‘knitr’ (ezknitr)
An extension of ‘knitr that adds flexibility in several ways. One common source of frustration with ‘knitr’ is that it assumes the directory where the source file lives should be the working directory, which is often not true. ‘ezknitr’ addresses this problem by giving you complete control over where all the inputs and outputs are, and adds several other convenient features to make rendering markdown/HTML documents easier.
Simple Graph Data Types and Basic Algorithms (simplegraph)
Simple classic graph algorithms for simple graph classes. Graphs may possess vertex and edge attributes. ‘simplegraph’ has so dependencies and it is written entirely in R, so it is easy to install.
Network Analysis with Non-Parametric Methods that Emerge from Snowball and Bootstrap Sampling (snowboot)
Functions for analysis of network objects, which are imported or simulated by the package. The non-parametric methods of analysis center around snowball and bootstrap sampling.