Ranking-Based Variable Selection (rbvs)
Implements the Ranking-Based Variable Selection algorithm for variable selection in high-dimensional data.
Mixed Neighbourhood Selection (MNS)
An implementation of the mixed neighbourhood selection (MNS) algorithm. The MNS algorithm can be used to estimate multiple related precision matrices. In particular, the motivation behind this work was driven by the need to understand functional connectivity networks across multiple subjects. This package also contains an implementation of a novel algorithm through which to simulate multiple related precision matrices which exhibit properties frequently reported in neuroimaging analysis.
Multi-Resolution Scanning for Cross-Sample Differences (MRS)
An implementation of the MRS algorithm for comparison across distributions. The model is based on a nonparametric process taking the form of a Markov model that transitions between a ‘null’ and a ‘alternative’ state on a multi-resolution partition tree of the sample space. MRS effectively detects and characterizes a variety of underlying differences. These differences can be visualized using several plotting functions.