Sure Independence Screening via Quantile Correlation and Composite Quantile Correlation (QCSIS)
Quantile correlation-sure independence screening (QC-SIS) and composite quantile correlation-sure independence screening (CQC-SIS) for ultrahigh-dimensional data.
Who Are You? Bayesian Prediction of Racial Category Using Surname and Geolocation (wru)
This open-source software package enables researchers to predict individual ethnicity using his/her surname, geolocation, and other attributes such as gender and age. The method utilizes the Bayes’ rule to compute the posterior probability of each racial category for any given individual voter. The package implements methods described in Imai and Khanna (2015) ‘Improving Ecological Inference by Predicting Individual Ethnicity from Voter Registration Records.’
A SVG Graphics Device (svglite)
A graphics device for R that produces ‘Scalable Vector Graphics’. ‘svglite’ is a fork of the older ‘RSvgDevice’ package.