Count All Common Subsequences (calACS)
Count all common subsequences between 2 string sequences, with items separated by the same delimiter. The first string input is a length- one vector, the second string input can be a vector or list containing multiple strings. Algorithm from Wang, H. All common subsequences (2007) IJCAI International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, pp. 635-640.
R Helper for OData Web Services (OData)
Helper methods for accessing data from web service based on OData Protocol. It provides several helper methods to access the service metadata, the data from datasets and to download some file resources (it only support CSV for now). For more information about OData go to http://…/.
Multivariate Bayesian Variable Selection Method Exploiting Dependence among Outcomes (mBvs)
Bayesian variable selection methods for data with continuous multivariate responses and multiple covariates.