Rcpp’ Bindings for the ‘CCTZ’ Library (RcppCCTZ)
Rcpp’ Access to the ‘CCTZ’ timezone library is provided. ‘CCTZ’ is a C++ library for translating between absolute and civil times using the rules of a time zone. The ‘CCTZ’ source code, released under the Apache 2.0 License, is included in this package. See <https://…/cctz> for more details.
Calculate Accurate Precision-Recall and ROC Curves (precrec)
Accurate calculations and visualization of Precision-Recall and ROC curves.
Recurrent Event Data Analysis (reda)
Functions that fit gamma frailty model with spline or piecewise constant baseline rate function for recurrent event data, compute and plot parametric mean cumulative function (MCF) from a fitted model as well as nonparametric sample MCF (Nelson-Aalen estimator) are provided. Most functions are S4 methods that produce S4 class objects.