Application of Analytics to IoT devices
There will be a trillion connected devices by 2020. Everything from light bulbs in our houses, to our shoes, watches, and even our disposable razors will have sensors embedded in them that collect data that can be wirelessly transmitted. All of these connected devices will generate a veritable tsunami of data. Collecting, storing, processing, and analyzing this massive volume of machine-generated data will be the critical engineering challenge of the next decade. It is imperative that IT professionals and business executives learn about the issues and challenges involved in dealing with machine-generated IoT data and how to solve these issues using a big data technology platform. Mining for invaluable insight and building analytics solutions to predict events and patterns in this huge volume of IoT data is what IoT analytics-and this book-are all about. Analytics for the Internet of Things describes scalable architectures for IoT analytics and presents practical use cases of IoT analytics in several business verticalsdomains. You will acquire mastery over the architecture, tools, and technologies needed to solve IoT analytics problems. You will also gain a deep understanding of the nature of analytics needed for IoT data and how to build analytics solutions using data science and machine learning. The kinds of analytics covered include:
• Descriptive analytics
• Diagnostic analytics
• Exploratory analytics
• Predictive analytics
• Prescriptive analytics.
Data scientist and big data architect Vivekanand Ganesan also presents advanced topics and recent advances in the analytics domain such as deep learning and graph theory, and he shows how this is applicable to IoT analytics. Deploying an IoT analytics solution to the public cloud and private cloud is also covered. While this is a deeply technical book, software programming knowledge is not a requirement to understand the concepts involved. Analytics for the Internet of Things will empower the reader to build their own IoT analytics solutions, using the latest big data and cloud technologies, and reap the benefits of the IoT revolution. This book prepares the reader with the knowledge of best practices, big data architectures, data science and machine learning approaches for IoT analytics and enables you to turn your next IoT data analytics project into a roaring success.