Data Pre-Processing and Visualization Functions for Classification (dprep)
Data preprocessing techniques for classification. Functions for normalization, handling of missing values,discretization, outlier detection, feature selection, and data visualization are included.
Convert Dates to MMWR Day, Week, and Year (MMWRweek)
The first day of any MMWR week is Sunday. MMWR week numbering is sequential beginning with 1 and incrementing with each week to a maximum of 52 or 53. MMWR week #1 of an MMWR year is the first week of the year that has at least four days in the calendar year. This package provides functionality to convert Dates to MMWR day, week, and year and the reverse.
Value at Risk (jvnVaR)
Many method to compute, predict and back-test VaR. For more detail, see the report: Value at Risk <>.