Basic Ideas and Selected Topics, Volume I
Mathematical Statistics: Basic Ideas and Selected Topics, Volume I, Second Edition presents fundamental, classical statistical concepts at the doctorate level. It covers estimation, prediction, testing, confidence sets, Bayesian analysis, and the general approach of decision theory. This edition gives careful proofs of major results and explains how the theory sheds light on the properties of practical methods. The book first discusses non- and semiparametric models before covering parameters and parametric models. It then offers a detailed treatment of maximum likelihood estimates (MLEs) and examines the theory of testing and confidence regions, including optimality theory for estimation and elementary robustness considerations. It next presents basic asymptotic approximations with one-dimensional parameter models as examples. The book also describes inference in multivariate (multiparameter) models, exploring asymptotic normality and optimality of MLEs, Wald and Rao statistics, generalized linear models, and more.