Goslate Interface (Goslate)
An interface to the Python package Goslate (Version 1.5.0). Goslate provides an API to Google’s free online language translation service by querying the Google translation website. See <https://…/> for more information about the Python package.
Currency Formatting and Conversion (lucr)
Reformat currency-based data as numeric values (or numeric values as currency-based data) and convert between currencies.
Robust Linear Quantile Regression (lqr)
It fits a robust linear quantile regression model using a new family of zero-quantile distributions for the error term. This family of distribution includes skewed versions of the Normal, Student’s t, Laplace, Slash and Contaminated Normal distribution. It provides estimates and full inference. It also provides envelopes plots for assessing the fit and confidences bands when several quantiles are provided simultaneously.
Distributed k-Means for Big Data using ‘ddR’ API (kmeans.ddR)
Distributed k-means clustering algorithm written using ‘ddR’ (Distributed Data Structures) API in the ‘ddR’ package.
Sustainable Transport Planning (stplanr)
Functionality and data access tools for transport planning, including origin-destination analysis, route allocation and modelling travel patterns.