Fundamental Definitions and Utilities of the Time Oriented Language (TOL) (tolBasis)
Imports the fundamental definitions and utilities of the Time Oriented Language (TOL), focused on time series analysis and stochastic processes, and provides the basis for the integration of TOL in R. See <> for more information about the TOL project.
Bootstrapping for Propensity Score Analysis (PSAboot)
Bootstrapping for propensity score analysis and matching.
Survey Planning Tools (surveyplanning)
Tools for sample survey planing, including sample size calculation, estimation of expected precision for the estimates of totals, and calculation of optimal sample size allocation.
Multiples Comparisons Procedures Based on Studentized Midrange and Range Distributions (midrangeMCP)
Apply tests of multiple comparisons based on studentized midrange and range distributions. The tests are: Tukey Midrange test, Student-Newman-Keuls Midrange test, Skott-Knott Midrange test and Skott-Knott Range test.
Sample Size Estimation for Experimental Designs (easypower)
Power analysis is used in the estimation of sample sizes for experimental designs. Most programs and R packages will only output the highest recommended sample size to the user. Often the user input can be complicated and computing multiple power analyses for different treatment comparisons can be time consuming. This package simplifies the user input and allows the user to view all of the sample size recommendations or just the ones they want to see. The calculations used to calculate the recommended sample sizes are from the ‘pwr’ package.