Recurrent Event Regression (reReg)
A collection of regression models for recurrent event process and failure time.
Graphics Cropping Tool (crop)
A device closing function which is able to crop graphics (e.g., PDF, PNG files) on Unix-like operating systems with the required underlying command-line tools installed.
Preprocessor for Data Modeling (corkscrew)
Includes binning categorical variables into lesser number of categories based on t-test, converting categorical variables into continuous features using the mean of the response variable for the respective categories, understanding the relationship between the response variable and predictor variables using data transformations.
Distributed ‘randomForest’ for Big Data using ‘ddR’ API (randomForest.ddR)
Distributed training and prediction of random forest models based upon ‘randomForest’ package.
Efficient Sampling on the Simplex (SALTSampler)
The SALTSampler package facilitates Monte Carlo Markov Chain (MCMC) sampling of random variables on a simplex. A Self-Adjusting Logit Transform (SALT) proposal is used so that sampling is still efficient even in difficult cases, such as those in high dimensions or with parameters that differ by orders of magnitude. Special care is also taken to maintain accuracy even when some coordinates approach 0 or 1 numerically. Diagnostic and graphic functions are included in the package, enabling easy assessment of the convergence and mixing of the chain within the constrained space.