Detect Text Reuse and Document Similarity (textreuse)
Tools for measuring similarity among documents and detecting passages which have been reused. Implements shingled n-gram, skip n-gram, and other tokenizers; similarity/dissimilarity functions; pairwise comparisons; minhash and locality sensitive hashing algorithms; and a version of the Smith-Waterman local alignment algorithm suitable for natural language.
Preference Rating for Visual Stimuli Based on Elo Ratings (EloChoice)
Allows calculating global scores for characteristics of visual stimuli. Stimuli are presented as sequence of pairwise comparisons (‘contests’), during each of which a rater expresses preference for one stimulus over the other. The algorithm for calculating global scores is based on Elo rating, which updates individual scores after each single pairwise contest. Elo rating is widely used to rank chess players according to their performance. Its core feature is that dyadic contests with expected outcomes lead to smaller changes of participants’ scores than outcomes that were unexpected. As such, Elo rating is an efficient tool to rate individual stimuli when a large number of such stimuli are paired against each other in the context of experiments where the goal is to rank stimuli according to some characteristic of interest.
Describe Data in R Using Common Descriptive Statistics (describer)
Allows users to quickly and easily describe data using common descriptive statistics.
Track R Package Downloads from RStudio’s CRAN Mirror (packagetrackr)
Allows to get and cache R package download log files from RStudio’s CRAN mirror for analyzing package usage.
Power Analysis for Generalised Linear Mixed Models by Simulation (simr)
Calculate power for generalised linear mixed models, using simulation. Designed to work with models fit using the ‘lme4’ package.