Examples of Neural Networks (learNN)
Implementations of several basic neural network concepts in R, as based on posts on http://qua.st .
Interface to OpenSubspace (subspace)
An interface to ‘OpenSubspace’, an open source framework for evaluation and exploration of subspace clustering algorithms in WEKA (see <http://…/opensubspace> for more information). Also performs visualization.
A Class of Adaptive Elastic Net Methods for Censored Data (AdapEnetClass)
Provides new approaches to variable selection for AFT model.
Hierarchical Inference Testing (hit)
Hierarchical inference testing (HIT) for linear models with correlated covariates applicable to high-dimensional settings.
Using Percolation and Conductance to Find Information Flow Certainty in a Direct Network (Perc)
To find the certainty of dominance interactions with indirect interactions being considered.