Functional Programming Tools (purrr)
Make your pure functions purr with the ‘purrr’ package. This package completes R’s functional programming tools with missing features present in other programming languages.
Summarise Data in the Quick and Easy Way (ezsummary)
Functions that can fulfill the gap between the outcomes of ‘dplyr’ and a print-ready summary table.
Template Model Builder: A General Random Effect Tool Inspired by ADMB (TMB)
With this tool, a user should be able to quickly implement complex random effect models through simple C++ templates. The package combines CppAD (C++ automatic differentiation), Eigen (templated matrix-vector library) and CHOLMOD (sparse matrix routines available from R) to obtain an efficient implementation of the applied Laplace approximation with exact derivatives. Key features are: Automatic sparseness detection, parallelism through BLAS and parallel user templates.
Simple Utility Providing Terminal Access to all R Functions (funr)
A small utility which wraps Rscript and provides access to all R functions from the shell.
Two-Level Behavior Classification (TLBC)
Contains functions for training and applying two-level random forest and hidden Markov models for human behavior classification from raw tri-axial accelerometer and/or GPS data. Includes functions for training a two-level model, applying the model to data, and computing performance.