Spatial Prediction for Function Value Data (geofd)
Kriging based methods are used for predicting functional data (curves) with spatial dependence.
Statistical Power Simulation for Testing the Rasch Model (pwrRasch)
Statistical power simulation for testing the Rasch Model based on a three-way analysis of variance design with mixed classification.
Structure for Organizing Monte Carlo Simulation Designs (SimDesign)
Provides tools to help organize Monte Carlo simulations in R. The tools provided control the structure and back-end of the Monte Carlo simulations by utilizing a generate-analyse-summarise strategy. The functions control common simulation issues such as re-simulating non-convergent results, support parallel back-end computations, save and restore temporary files, aggregate results across independent nodes, and provide native support for debugging.
Chunkwise Text-File Processing for ‘dplyr’ (chunked)
Text data can be processed chunkwise using ‘dplyr’ commands. These are recorded and executed per data chunk, so large files can be processed with limited memory using the ‘LaF’ package.
Langevin Analysis in One and Two Dimensions (Langevin)
Estimate drift and diffusion functions from time series and generate synthetic time series from given drift and diffusion coefficients.