Fixed Effects Nonlinear Maximum Likelihood Models (FENmlm)
Efficient estimation of fixed-effect maximum likelihood models with, possibly, non-linear right hand sides.
Permutation Distribution Clustering (pdc)
Permutation Distribution Clustering is a clustering method for time series. Dissimilarity of time series is formalized as the divergence between their permutation distributions. The permutation distribution was proposed as measure of the complexity of a time series.
Interface Between R and the OpenStreetMap-Based Routing Service OSRM (osrm)
An interface between R and the OSRM API. OSRM is a routing service based on OpenStreetMap data. See <http://…/> for more information. A public API exists but one can run its own instance. This package allows to compute distance (travel time and kilometric distance) between points and travel time matrices.
Temporal Network Autocorrelation Models (TNAM) (tnam)
Temporal and cross-sectional network autocorrelation models (TNAM).
Heuristics for the Quadratic Assignment Problem (QAP) (qap)
Implements heuristics for the Quadratic Assignment Problem (QAP). Currently only a simulated annealing heuristic is available.