GMUM Machine Learning Group Package (gmum.r)
Direct R interface to Support Vector Machine libraries (‘LIBSVM’ and ‘SVMLight’) and efficient C++ implementations of Growing Neural Gas and models developed by ‘GMUM’ group (Cross Entropy Clustering and 2eSVM).
Toolbox for Regression Discontinuity Design (‘RDD’) (rddtools)
Set of functions for Regression Discontinuity Design (‘RDD’), for data visualisation, estimation and testing.
Change-Point Estimation using Shape-Restricted Splines (ShapeChange)
In a scatterplot where the response variable is Gaussian, Poisson or binomial, we consider the case in which the mean function is smooth with a change-point, which is a mode, an inflection point or a jump point. The main routine estimates the mean curve and the change-point as well using shape-restricted B-splines. An optional subroutine delivering a bootstrapping confidence interval for the change-point is incorporated in the main routine.
Community Estimation in G-Models via CORD (cord)
Partition data points (variables) into communities/clusters, similar to clustering algorithms, such as k-means and hierarchical clustering. This package implements a clustering algorithm based on a new metric CORD, defined for high dimensional parametric or semi-parametric distributions. Read http://…/1508.01939 for more details.
Solve Nonlinear Optimization with Nonlinear Constraints (NlcOptim)
Optimization for nonlinear objective and constraint functions. Linear or nonlinear equality and inequality constraints are allowed. It accepts the input parameters as a constrained matrix.