Graph-structured data is ubiquitous and with the advent of social networking platforms has recently seen a significant increase in popularity amongst researchers. However, also many business applications deal with this kind of data and can therefore benefit greatly from graph processing functionality offered directly by the underlying database. This paper summarizes the current state of graph data processing capabilities in the SAP HANA database and describes our efforts to enable large graph analytics in the context of our research project SynopSys. With powerful graph pattern matching support at the core, we envision OLAP-like evaluation functionality exposed to the user in the form of easy-to-apply graph summarization templates. By combining them, the user is able to produce concise summaries of large graph-structured datasets. We also point out open questions and challenges that we plan to tackle in the future developments on our way towards large graph analytics. SynopSys: Large Graph Analytics in the SAP HANA Database Through Summarization