Estimation of Extreme Value Dependence for Time Series Data (extremogram)
Estimation of the sample univariate, cross and return time extremograms. The package can also adds empirical confidence bands to each of the extremogram plots via a permutation procedure under the assumption that the data are independent. Finally, the stationary bootstrap allows us to construct credible confidence bands for the extremograms.
Penalized Regression Models with Overlapping Grouped Covariates (grpregOverlap)
Fit the regularization path of linear, logistic or poisson models with overlapping grouped covariates based on the latent group lasso approach. Latent group MCP/SCAD as well as bi-level selection methods, namely the group exponential lasso and the composite MCP are also available. This package serves as an extension of R package ‘grpreg’ (by Dr. Patrick Breheny <>) for grouped variable selection involving overlaps between groups.
Multivariate Condition Matching by Backwards Elimination Using Linear Discriminant Analysis (ldamatch)
Performs group matching by backward elimination using linear discriminant analysis.
Tools for Temporal Social Network Analysis (tsna)
Temporal SNA tools for continuous- and discrete-time longitudinal networks having vertex, edge, and attribute dynamics stored in the ‘networkDynamic’ format. This work was supported by grant R01HD68395 from the National Institute of Health.
Time-Weighted Dynamic Time Warping for Remote Sensing Time Series Analysis (dtwSat)
Provides a Time-Weighted Dynamic Time Warping (TWDTW) algorithm to measure similarity between two temporal sequences. This adaptation of the classical Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) algorithm is flexible to compare events that have a strong time dependency, such as phenological stages of cropland systems and tropical forests. This package provides methods for visualization of minimum cost paths, time series alignment, and time intervals classification.