Simplify Parameters (params)
An interface to simplify organizing parameters used in a package, using external configuration files. This attempts to provide a cleaner alternative to options().
R package for shortening URLs (urlshorteneR)
A small library for generating short URLs in R. The longurl package will expand URLs from a range of URL shortening services. There is a surprisingly large number of these services (check out the list). I tried this package and it does a great job of expanding shortened URLs. It does not provide a shortening service though or access to analytics.
Assertions to Check Properties of Numbers (assertive.numbers)
A set of predicates and assertions for checking the properties of numbers. This is mainly for use by other package developers who want to include run-time testing features in their own packages. End-users will usually want to use assertive directly.
Interactive Dendrograms (idendr0)
Interactive dendrogram that enables the user to select and color clusters, to zoom and pan the dendrogram, and to visualize the clustered data not only in a built-in heat map, but also in GGobi interactive plots and user-supplied plots. This is a backport of Qt-based ‘idendro’ (https://…/idendro) to base R graphics and Tcl/Tk GUI.
Interactive Plotting for Functional Data Analyses (refund.shiny)
Interactive plotting for functional data analyses.