Nonparametric and Stochastic Efficiency and Productivity Analysis (npsf)
Provides a variety of tools for nonparametric and parametric efficiency measurement.
Game-Theoretic Probability Combination (Combine)
Suite of R functions for combination of probabilities using a game-theoretic method.
Tools Developed for Structured Sufficient Dimension Reduction (sSDR) (sSDR)
Performs groupwise OLS (gOLS) and groupwise SIR (gSIR).
Discontinuous Regression and Image Processing (DRIP)
This is a collection of functions for discontinuous regression analysis and image processing.
An Enhanced Chart for Simple and Truthful Representation of Single Observations over Multiple Classes (sinaplot)
The sinaplot is a data visualization chart suitable for plotting any single variable in a multiclass dataset. It is an enhanced jitter strip chart, where the width of the jitter is controlled by the density distribution of the data within each class.