Utils for IP4 and IP6 Addresses (Rip46)
Utility functions and S3 classes for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, including conversion to and from binary representation.
A Tool Box for Multivariate Meta-Analysis (xmeta)
A comprehensive collection of functions for multivariate meta-analysis. This package includes functions that implement methods to estimate the pooled effect sizes and the components of the between-study covariance matrix for multivariate meta-analysis with continuous outcomes or binary outcomes. This package also provides functions for detecting publication bias when the within-study correlations are unknown.
Master Curve Estimates Corresponding to Time-Temperature Superposition (TTS)
Time-Temperature Superposition analysis is often applied to frequency modulated data obtained by Dynamic Mechanic Analysis (DMA) and Rheometry in the analytical chemistry and physics areas. These techniques provide estimates of material mechanical properties (such as moduli) at different temperatures in a wider range of time. This package provides the Time-Temperature superposition Master Curve at a referred temperature by the three methods: the two wider used methods, Arrhenius based methods and WLF, and the newer methodology based on derivatives procedure. The Master Curve is smoothed by B-splines basis. The package output is composed of plots of experimental data, horizontal and vertical shifts, TTS data, and TTS data fitted using B-splines with bootstrap confidence intervals.
Meta-Analysis for Diagnostic Test Studies (meta4diag)
Bayesian inference analysis for bivariate meta-analysis of diagnostic test studies using integrated nested Laplace approximation with INLA. A purpose built graphic user interface is available. The installation of R package INLA is compulsory for successful usage. The INLA package can be obtained from <http://www.r-inla.org>. We recommend the testing version, which can be downloaded by running: source(‘http://…/givemeINLA-testing.R’).