River is a programming model and a programming language where you define your application (Data Model, Queries & Business Logic) and upon deployment every run-time artifact is deployed onto a DB (such as HANA) and a run-time container (such as XS to run the JavaScript which handles the business logic side).
SAP River is an easy way to make SAP HANA Applications. Develop and test an application backend, in a matter of minutes, that runs on SAP HANA – SAP’s in-memory database and application platform.
SAP River is a new way of developing native applications on SAP HANA. River consists of a language, a programming model and a set of tools, which allow the developer to focus on the business intent of the application, and largely ignore issues of implementation and optimization. These aspects are taken care of automatically by the language tools, which choose, on compilation, the most appropriate run-time context for each part of the application.
River allows a developer to specify the data model, the application business logic as well as access control, all in a single integrated specification. River is compatible with existing SAP HANA objects, like tables, views, stored procedures and XSJS procedures. River code is in fact cross-compiled into these same native runtime objects, which are automatically exposed via an OData API.
The result is a simpler development process, increased developer productivity, and application code that is easier to understand and to maintain. …
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