Quantile Universal Threshold (qut)
Selection of a threshold parameter for GLM-lasso to obtain a sparse model with a good compromise between high true positive rate and low false discovery rate.
Backward Pipe Operator (backpipe)
Provides a backward-pipe operator for ‘magrittr’ (%<%) or ‘pipeR’ (%<<%) that allows for a performing operations from right-to-left. This is useful in instances where there is right-to-left ordering commonly observed with nested structures such as trees/directories and markup languages such as HTML and XML.
SOM Networks for Comparing Patterns with Peak Shifts (wccsom)
SOMs can be useful tools to group patterns containing several peaks. If peaks do not always occur at exactly the same position, classical distance measures cannot be used. This package provides SOM technology using the weighted crosscorrelation (WCC) distance.