Tools for ABC Analyses (abctools)
Tools for approximate Bayesian computation including summary statistic selection and assessing coverage.
An R Package for Tuning Approximate Bayesian Computation Analyses

Bayesian Variable Selection with Hierarchical Priors (ptycho)
Bayesian variable selection for linear regression models using hierarchical priors. There is a prior that combines information across responses and one that combines information across covariates, as well as a standard spike and slab prior for comparison. An MCMC samples from the marginal posterior distribution for the 0-1 variables indicating if each covariate belongs to the model for each response.
Various tools for linear, nonlinear and nonparametric regression. (regtools)
Various tools for linear, nonlinear and nonparametric regression.
Application of 2D Convolution Kernel Filters to Matrices or 3D Arrays (spatialfil)
Filter matrices or (three dimensional) array data using different convolution kernels.
Estimating Finite State Machine Models from Data (datafsm)
Our method automatically generates models of dynamic decision-making that both have strong predictive power and are interpretable in human terms. We use an efficient model representation and a genetic algorithm-based estimation process to generate simple deterministic approximations that explain most of the structure of complex stochastic processes. We have applied the software to empirical data, and demonstrated it’s ability to recover known data-generating processes by simulating data with agent-based models and correctly deriving the underlying decision models for multiple agent models and degrees of stochasticity.