Interactive maps with R and Leaflet (rleafmap)
rleafmap is an R package to display spatial data with interactive maps powered by Leaflet.
Transform XML Documents with XSLT Stylesheets in R (xslt)
Lightweight XSLT processing package for R based on xmlwrapp
R Parallel Implementation of Local Outlier Factor(LOF) (Rlof)
R parallel implementation of Local Outlier Factor(LOF) which uses multiple CPUs to significantly speed up the LOF computation for large datasets. (Note: The overall performance depends on the computers especially the number of the cores).It also supports multiple k values to be calculated in parallel, as well as various distance measures in addition to the default Euclidean distance.
Latent Structure Learning (lsl)
Conduct latent structure learning methods, particularly structural equation modeling via penalized likelihood.
Principal Component Analysis for Outlier Detection (pcadapt)
Methods to detect genetic markers involved in biological adaptation. ‘pcadapt’ provides statistical tools for outlier detection based on Principal Component Analysis.