Discriminant Analysis with Additional Information (dawai)
In applications it is usual that some additional information is available. This package dawai (an acronym for Discriminant Analysis With Additional Information) performs linear and quadratic discriminant analysis with additional information expressed as inequality restrictions among the populations means. It also computes several estimations of the true error rate.
Vignette Engine Wrapping IPython Notebooks (nbconvertR)
Calls the ‘Jupyter’/’IPython’ script ‘nbconvert’ to create vignettes from notebooks. Those notebooks (‘.ipynb’ files) are files containing rich text, code, and its output. Code cells can be edited and evaluated interactively. See <http://…/notebook.html> for more information.
Multiple Factor Analysis (MFA) (MFAg)
Performs Multiple Factor Analysis method for quantitative, categorical, frequency and mixed data, in addition to generating a lot of graphics, also has other useful functions.
Rank Based Survival Modelling (SurvRank)
Estimation of the prediction accuracy in a unified survival AUC approach. Model selection and prediction estimation based on a survival AUC. Stepwise model selection, based on several ranking approaches.
Fast Estimation of a Covariance Matrix by Banding the Cholesky Factor (FastBandChol)
Fast and numerically stable estimation of a covariance matrix by banding the Cholesky factor using a modified Gram-Schmidt algorithm implemented in RcppArmadilo. See <http://…/~molst029> for details on the algorithm.