High Dimensional Factor Analysis and Confounder Adjusted Testing and Estimation (cate)
Provides several methods for factor analysis in high dimension (both n,p >> 1) and methods to adjust for possible confounders in multiple hypothesis testing.
Estimate Inverse Probability Weights (ipw)
Functions to estimate the probability to receive the observed treatment, based on individual characteristics. The inverse of these probabilities can be used as weights when estimating causal effects from observational data via marginal structural models.
Distance and Travel Time Between Two Points from Google Maps (gmapsdistance)
Get distance and travel time between two points from Google Maps. Four possible modes of transportation (bicycling, walking, driving and public transportation).
Symmetric File Encryption Using GPG (rcrypt)
Provides easy symmetric file encryption using GPG with cryptographically strong defaults. Only symmetric encryption is supported. GPG is pre-installed with most Linux distributions. Windows users will need to install Gpg4win (http://www.gpg4win.org). OS X users will need to install GPGTools (https://gpgtools.org).
Multi-States Semi-Markov Models (SemiMarkov)
Functions for fitting multi-state semi-Markov models to longitudinal data. A parametric maximum likelihood estimation method adapted to deal with Exponential, Weibull and Exponentiated Weibull distributions is considered. Right-censoring can be taken into account and both constant and time-varying covariates can be included using a Cox proportional model.