Pabon Lasso Graphs and Comparing Situations of a Unit in Two Different Times (PabonLasso)
Pabon Lasso is a graphical method for monitoring the efficiency of different wards of a hospital or different hospitals.Pabon Lasso graph is divided into 4 parts which are created after drawing the average of BTR and BOR. The part in the left-down side is Zone I, left-up side is Zone II, Right-up side part is Zone III and the last part is Zone IV.
Fit ARTFIMA Model (artfima)
Fit and simulate ARTFIMA. Theoretical autocovariance function and spectral density function for stationary ARTFIMA.
Approximate Bayesian Computation via Random Forests (abcrf)
Performs Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC) model choice via random forests.
Joint Generalized Estimating Equation Solver (JGEE)
Fits two different joint generalized estimating equation models to multivariate longitudinal data.
Google Search Console APIv3 R Client (searchConsoleR)
Provides an interface with the Google Search Console API v3, formally called Google Webmaster Tools.