Functions for Robust Variable Handling (varhandle)
Variables are the fundamental parts of each programming language but handling them might be frustrating for programmers from time to time. This package contains some functions to help user (especially data explorers) to make more sense of their variables and take the most out of variables as well as their hardware. These functions are written, collected and crafted over some years of experience in statistical data analysis and for each of them there was a need. Functions in this package are suppose to be efficient and easy to use, hence they will be frequently updated to make them more convenient.
Functions and Methods for Correspondence Regression (corregp)
A collection of tools for correspondence regression, i.e. the correspondence analysis of the crosstabulation of a categorical variable Y in function of another one X, where X can in turn be made up of the combination of various categorical variables. Consequently, correspondence regression can be used to analyze the effects for a polytomous or multinomial outcome variable.
Bayesian Inference on the Ratio of Two Poisson Rates (brr)
Implementation of the Bayesian inference for the two independent Poisson samples model, using the semi-conjugate family of prior distributions.
Easy Authentication with Google OAuth2 APIs (googleAuthR)
Create R functions that interact with OAuth2 Google APIs easily, with auto-refresh and Shiny compatibility.
Parametric Network Enrichment Analysis (pnea)
Collection of functions for Parametric Network Enrichment Analysis.