“To put it simply, there is too much friction. In any given workflow, you have to go through several levels to get to what you really need. For instance, say you’re part of the customer service team: You use Salesforce to get the information you need to best serve customers. But depending on the information, you have to go across half-a-dozen windows in search for the right sales pitch, product information, or other collateral. You are 15 steps into a workflow before you get to the real starting point. This wastes time, money, and reduces quality of service. This is in sharp contrast to what you have come to expect using consumer products. Think peer-to-peer payment option solutions like Square that make payments as simple as the tap of a button – eliminating dozens of process steps that you would usually go through. This simple, bare-bones approach has changed industries across the board, be it transportation (Uber), insurance (15 minutes can save you…), accounting (TurboTax), retail (Amazon Same-Day), and so on. Enterprises that provide this personalized, contextual experience will thrive and those that don’t will falter.” Mayank Mehta ( August 27, 2015 )