Multiple Change-Point Detection for Nonstationary Time Series (wbsts)
Implements detection for the number and locations of the change-points in a time series using the Wild Binary Segmentation and the Locally Stationary Wavelet model.
Cox Regression (Proportional Hazards Model) with Multiple Causes and Mixed Effects (CoxPlus)
A high performance package estimating Proportional Hazards Model when an even can have more than one causes, including support for random and fixed effects, tied events, and time-varying variables.
R API interface to the DomainTools API (domaintools)
The following functions are implemented:
• domaintools_api_key: Get or set DOMAINTOOLS_API_KEY value
• domaintools_username: Get or set DOMAINTOOLS_API_USERNAME value
• domain_profile: Domain Profile
• hosting_history: Hosting History
• parsed_whois: Parsed Whois
• reverse_ip: Reverse IP
• reverse_ns: Reverse Nameserver
• shared_ips: Shared IPs
• whois: Whois Lookup
• whois_history: Whois History

Mixed Poisson Models (MixedPoisson)
The estimation of the parameters in Mixed Poisson models.
Nomograms for High-Dimensional Cox Models (hdnom)
Build nomograms for high-dimensional Cox models, with support for model validation and calibration.