Local Fisher Discriminant Analysis (lfda)
Functions for performing and visualizing Local Fisher Discriminant Analysis(LFDA) and Kernel Fisher Discriminant Analysis(KLFDA).
An Implementation of Common Response Time Trimming Methods (trimr)
Provides various commonly-used response time trimming methods, including the recursive / moving-criterion methods reported by Van Selst and Jolicoeur (1994). By passing trimming functions raw data files, the package will return trimmed data ready for inferential testing.
Analysis of Sensory and Consumer Data in a Mixed Model Framework (SensMixed)
Functions that facilitate analysis of Sensory as well as Consumer data within a mixed effects model framework are provided. The so-called mixed assessor models, that correct for the scaling effect are implemented. The generation of the d-tilde plots forms part of the package. The shiny application for the functionalities forms part of the package.
Maximum Entropy Sampling (edesign)
An implementation of maximum entropy sampling for spatial data is provided. An exact branch-and-bound algorithm as well as greedy and dual greedy heuristics are included.
Evaluation of the FIM in NLMEMs using MCMC (MIXFIM)
Evaluation and optimization of the Fisher Information Matrix in NonLinear Mixed Effect Models using Markov Chains Monte Carlo for continuous and discrete data.