Implements Indices of Qualitative Variation Proposed by Wilcox (1973) (qualvar)
Implements indices of qualitative variation proposed by Wilcox (1973).
Automated Hierarchical Multiple Regression with Assumptions Checking (AutoModel)
A set of functions that automates the process and produces reasonable output for hierarchical multiple regression models. It allows you to specify predictor blocks, from which it generates all of the linear models, and checks the assumptions of the model, producing the requisite plots and statistics to allow you to judge the suitability of the model.
An R ‘Deque’ Container (dequer)
Offers a special data structure called a ‘deque’ (pronounced like ‘deck’), which is a list-like structure. However, unlike R’s list structure, data put into a ‘deque’ is not necessarily stored contiguously, making insertions and deletions at the front/end of the structure much faster. The implementation here is new and uses a doubly linked list, and whence does not rely on R’s environments. To avoid unnecessary data copying, most ‘deque’ operations are performed via side-effects.