Basic Symbolic Expression Simplification (simplr)
Basic tools for symbolic expression simplification, e.g. simplify(x*1) => x, or simplify(sin(x)^2+cos(x)^2) => 1. Based on the ‘Expression v3’ (Ev3) 1.0 system by Leo Liberti.
Generated Probability Distribution Models (gendist)
Computes the probability density function (pdf), cumulative distribution function (cdf), quantile function (qf) and generates random values (rg) for the following general models : mixture models, composite models, folded models, skewed symmetric models and arc tan models.
Fit Additive Hazards Models for Survival Analysis (addhazard)
Contains tools to fit additive hazards model to random sampling, two-phase sampling and two-phase sampling with auxiliary information. This package provides regression parameter estimates and their model-based and robust standard errors. It also offers tools to make prediction of individual specific hazards.