R Interface to the Shark Machine Learning Library (RcppShark)
An R interface to the C++/Boost Shark machine learning library.
Detection of Differential Item Functioning (DIF) in Rasch Models by Boosting Techniques (DIFboost)
Performs detection of Differential Item Functioning using the method DIFboost as proposed in Schauberger and Tutz (2015): Detection of Differential item functioning in Rasch models by boosting techniques, British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology.
R ‘Htmlwidget’ to Add Pan and Zoom to Almost any R Graphic (svgPanZoom)
This ‘htmlwidget’ provides pan and zoom interactivity to R graphics, including ‘base’, ‘lattice’, and ‘ggplot2’. The interactivity is provided through the ‘svg-pan-zoom.js’ library. Various options to the widget can tailor the pan and zoom experience to nearly any user desire.