R API interface to the DomainTools API (domaintools)
The following functions are implemented:
• domaintools_api_key: Get or set DOMAINTOOLS_API_KEY value
• domaintools_username: Get or set DOMAINTOOLS_API_USERNAME value
• domain_profile: Domain Profile
• hosting_history: Hosting History
• parsed_whois: Parsed Whois
• reverse_ip: Reverse IP
• reverse_ns: Reverse Nameserver
• shared_ips: Shared IPs
• whois: Whois Lookup
• whois_history: Whois History

Patient Rule Induction Method (PRIM) (prim)
PRIM for bump hunting in high-dimensional data
Vignette Engine Wrapping IPython Notebooks (nbconvertR)
Calls the ‘Jupyter’/’IPython’ script ‘nbconvert’ to create vignettes from notebooks. Those notebooks (‘.ipynb’ files) are files containing rich text, code, and its output. Code cells can be edited and evaluated interactively. See <http://…/notebook.html> for more information.