Biodiversity Data Visualizations (bdvis)
Biodiversity data visualizations using R would be helpful to understand completeness of biodiversity inventory, extent of geographical, taxonomic and temporal coverage, gaps and biases in data.
Classical Jacobi Eigensolution Algorithm (JacobiEigen)
Implements the classical Jacobi (1846) algorithm for the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a real symmetric matrix, both in pure R and in C++ using Rcpp. Mainly as a programming example for teaching purposes.
Utility Functions for R Histograms (HistogramTools)
Provides a number of utility functions useful for manipulating large histograms. This includes methods to trim, subset, merge buckets, merge histograms, convert to CDF, and calculate information loss due to binning. It also provides a protocol buffer representations of the default R histogram class to allow histograms over large data sets to be computed and manipulated in a MapReduce environment.
Optimization of Sample Configurations using Spatial Simulated Annealing (spsann)
Methods to optimize sample configurations using spatial simulated annealing. Multiple objective functions are implemented for various purposes, such as variogram estimation, trend estimation, and spatial interpolation. A general purpose spatial simulated annealing function enables the user to define his/her own objective function.
Color Schemes for Dichromats (dichromat)
Collapse red-green or green-blue distinctions to simulate the effects of different types of color-blindness.