Color Science Methods and Data (colorscience)
Methods and data for color science – color conversions by observer, illuminant and gamma. Color matching functions and chromaticity diagrams. Color indices, color differences and spectral data conversion/analysis.
Multiple-Output Directional Quantile Regression (modQR)
Contains basic tools for performing multiple-output quantile regression and computing regression quantile contours by means of directional regression quantiles. In the location case, one can thus obtain halfspace depth contours in two to six dimensions.
LP-BRIM Bipartite Modularity (lpbrim)
Optimization of bipartite modularity using LP-BRIM (Label propagation followed by Bipartite Recursively Induced Modularity).
A Simple Wrapper for the k-Means Library Yakmo (yakmoR)
This is a simple wrapper for the yakmo K-Means library (developed by Naoki Yoshinaga, see http://…/yakmo). It performs fast and robust (orthogonal) K-Means.
Fuzzy Linear Programming (FuzzyLP)
Methods to solve Fuzzy Linear Programming Problems with fuzzy constraints (by Verdegay, Zimmermann, Werner, Tanaka), fuzzy costs (multiobjective, interval arithmetic, stratified piecewise reduction, defuzzification-based), and fuzzy technological matrix.