Matplotlib Default Color Map (viridis)
Port of the new Matplotlib default color map (‘viridis’) to R. This color map is designed in such a way that it will analytically be perfectly perceptually-uniform, both in regular form and also when converted to black-and-white. It is also designed to be perceived by readers with the most common form of color blindness.
Using the new ‘viridis’ colormap in R

Toolkit for Item Factor Analysis with OpenMx (ifaTools)
Tools, tutorials, and demos of Item Factor Analysis using OpenMx.
Bayesian Network Structure Learning from Data with Missing Values (bnstruct)
Bayesian Network Structure Learning from Data with Missing Values. The package implements the Silander-Myllymaki complete search, the Max-Min Hill-climbing heuristic search, and the Structural Expectation-Maximization algorithm. Available scoring functions are BDeu, AIC, BIC. The package also implements methods for generating and using bootstrap samples, imputed data, inference.
Optimal Trees Ensembles for Regression, Classification and Class Membership Probability Estimation (OTE)
Functions for creating ensembles of optimal trees for regression, classification and class membership probability estimation are given. A few trees are selected from an initial set of trees grown by random forest for the ensemble on the basis of their individual and collective performance. Trees are assessed on out-of-bag data and on an independent training data set for individual and collective performance respectively. The prediction functions return estimates of the test responses and their class membership probabilities. Unexplained variations, error rates, confusion matrix, Brier scores, etc. are also returned for the test data.
Automated Transcription of Audio Files Through the HP IDOL API (transcribeR)
Transcribes audio to text with the HP IDOL API. Includes functions to upload files, retrieve transcriptions, and monitor jobs.