R/Weka interface (RWeka)
An R interface to Weka (Version 3.7.12). Weka is a collection of machine learning algorithms for data mining tasks written in Java, containing tools for data pre-processing, classification, regression, clustering, association rules, and visualization. Package RWeka contains the interface code, the Weka jar is in a separate package RWekajars. For more information on Weka see <http://…/>.
Compute the Median Ranking(s) According to the Kemeny’s Axiomatic Approach (ConsRank)
Compute the median ranking according the Kemeny’s axiomatic approach. Rankings can or cannot contain ties, rankings can be both complete or incomplete.
Functions for making statistical comparisons with distance-function based permutation tests (Blossom)
Blossom is an R package with functions for making statistical comparisons with distance-function based permutation tests developed by P.W. Mielke, Jr. and colleagues at Colorado State University and for testing parameters estimated in linear models with permutation procedures developed by B. S. Cade and colleagues at the Fort Collins Science Center, U.S. Geological Survey. This implementation in R has allowed for numerous improvements not supported by the Cade and Richards Fortran implementation, including use of categorical predictor variables in most routines.
Extra Graphical Utilities Based on Lattice (latticeExtra)
Extra graphical utilities based on lattice.
Ensemble Learning Algorithms Based on Support Vector Machines (SwarmSVM)
Three ensemble learning algorithms based on support vector machines. They all train support vector machines on subset of data and combine the result.