K-means using a target variable (ykmeans)
The clustering by k-means of using the target variable. To determine the number of clusters with the variance of the target variable in the cluster.
LaTeX Wrappers for R Users (lazyWeave)
Provides the functionality to write LaTeX code from within R without having to learn LaTeX. Functionality also exists to create HTML and Markdown code. While the functionality still exists to write complete documents with lazyWeave, it is generally easier to do so with with markdown and knitr. lazyWeave’s main strength now is the ability to design custom and complex tables for reporting results.
I/O Tools for Streaming (iotools)
Basic I/O tools for streaming.
Toolset for Translating SPSS-Syntax to R-Code (translateSPSS2R)
Package with translated commands of SPSS. The usage is oriented on the handling of SPSS-Syntax. Mainly the package has two purposes: It facilitates SPSS-Users to change over to R and aids migration projects from SPSS to R.
The Causal Effects for a Causal Loglinear Model (efflog)
Fitting a causal loglinear model and calculating the causal effects for a causal loglinear model with the multiplicative interaction or without the multiplicative interaction, obtaining the natural direct, indirect and the total effect. It calculates also the cell effect, which is a new interaction effect.