Turner Miscellaneous (Tmisc)
Miscellaneous data and utility functions for manipulating data and your R environment.
Dot-and-Whisker Plots of Regression Coefficients from Tidy Data Frames (dotwhisker)
Quick and easy dot-and-whisker plots of regression models saved in tidy data frames.
Convex Biclustering Algorithm (cvxbiclustr)
An iterative algorithm for solving a convex formulation of the biclustering problem.
Munsell colour system (munsell)
Functions for exploring and using the Munsell colour system
Estimate the Probability in the Upper Tail of the Aggregate Loss Distribution (tailloss)
Set of tools to estimate the probability in the upper tail of the aggregate loss distribution using different methods: Panjer recursion, Monte Carlo simulations, Markov bound, Cantelli bound, Moment bound, and Chernoff bound.