A random Schrödinger operator associated with the Vertex Reinforced
Jump Process and the Edge Reinforced Random Walk

On sharp bounds for marginal densities of product measures
Sparse Multidimensional Patient Modeling using Auxiliary Confidence

Bounded-degree spanning trees in randomly perturbed graphs
Some identities involving polynomial coefficients
An algorithm for online tensor prediction
A constrained optimization perspective on actor critic algorithms and
application to network routing

Characterization of non-constant lower bound of Ricci curvature via
entropy inequality on Wasserstein space

Activation process on a long-range percolation graph with power law long
edge distribution. Part I: phase transition without inhibition

Document Embedding with Paragraph Vectors
On Proportions of Fit Individuals in Population of Genetic Algorithm
with Tournament Selection

Cross-Covariance Functions for Multivariate Geostatistics
Expression for the Number of Spanning Trees of Line Graphs of Arbitrary
Connected Graphs

Multi-armed Bandit Models for the Optimal Design of Clinical Trials:
Benefits and Challenges

Posterior Model Consistency in Variable Selection as the Model Dimension

Solutions to complex smoothing equations
Probabilistic Programming in Python using PyMC
Small Area Predictors with Dual Shrinkage of Means and Variances
Communication: Words and Conceptual Systems
STC Anti-spoofing Systems for the ASVspoof 2015 Challenge
Hopf normal form with $S_N$ symmetry and reduction to systems of
nonlinearly coupled phase oscillators

An Optimal Algorithm for Reconstructing Point Set Order Types from
Radial Orderings

Parametric linear programs and convex hulls
GHOST: Building blocks for high performance sparse linear algebra on
heterogeneous systems

Learning Representations for Outlier Detection on a Budget
A Network-Aware Approach for Searching As-You-Type in Social Media
(Extended Version)

The CLT Analogue for Cyclic Urns
Improving Reachability and Navigability in Recommender Systems
Analytical, Optimal, and Sparse Optimal Control of Traveling Wave
Solutions to Reaction-Diffusion Systems

Flow Rounding
A degree-based goodness-of-fit test for heterogeneous random graph

From coin-tossing to rock-paper-scissors and beyond: A log-exp
complexity theorem for selecting a leader

IT-Dendrogram: A New Member of the In-Tree (IT) Clustering Family
Fast Biclustering by Dual Parameterization
Identification, location-domination and metric dimension on interval and
permutation graphs. I. Bounds

On the intersection of a hypersurface with a Cartesian product of
two-dimensional sets

Neural networks with excitatory and inhibitory components: direct and
inverse problems by a mean-field approach

Non-Compositional Term Dependence for Information Retrieval
Non-repetitive complexity of infinite words
Edge-partitioning a graph into paths: beyond the Barát-Thomassen

Neighborhood degree lists of graphs
Towards an Analytic Theory of Stochastic and Quantum Fields
Migrating to Cloud-Native Architectures Using Microservices: An
Experience Report

Condorcet Domains, Median Graphs and the Single Crossing Property
Entropy and Graph Based Modelling of Document Coherence using Discourse
Entities: An Application

Algorithmic aspects of rotor-routing and the notion of linear

EESEN: End-to-End Speech Recognition using Deep RNN Models and
WFST-based Decoding

Revisiting the combinatorics of the 2D Ising model
Efficient Compressive Phase Retrieval with Constrained Sensing Vectors
Strong Consistency of Multivariate Spectral Variance Estimators in
Markov Chain Monte Carlo

A Gauss-Newton Method for Markov Decision Processes
Context-aware learning for finite mixture models