Model-Based Boosting (mboost)
Functional gradient descent algorithm (boosting) for optimizing general risk functions utilizing component-wise (penalised) least squares estimates or regression trees as base-learners for fitting generalized linear, additive and interaction models to potentially high-dimensional data.

Subgroup Discovery Algorithms for R (SDR)
Implementation of some algorithms for the data mining task called ‘subgroup discovery’ without package dependencies. It also provide a Shiny App for make the analysis easier. The algorithms works with data sets provided in KEEL format. If you want more information about this format, please refer to < > .

Tools for Reading Formatted Access Log Files (webreadr)
R is used by a vast array of people for a vast array of purposes – including web analytics. This package contains functions for consuming and munging various common forms of request log, including the Common and Combined Web Log formats and AWS logs.