Introduction to the flows package
In the field of spatial analysis, working on flows supposes to focus on the relationships between places rather than on their characteristics. Analysis and flow representation often assume a selection to ease the interpretation. The flows package contains functions that select flows, provide statistics on selections and propose map and graph visualisations. The first part of the vignette reminds several methods of flow selection, the second part presents the main functions of the package and the last one proposes an exemple of analysis based on commuters data in the French Grand Est region.

The Code Behind Building a FiveThirtyEight post
About a week ago I came across the Don’t Be Fooled By Baseball’s Small-Budget Success Stories on FiveThirtyEightSports. It was featured on the ESPN home page so it was pretty hard to miss. I thought it was a great post and it left me wondering: How hard would it be to replicate?

A Practical Introduction to IoT using Arduino, Node.js and Plotly
In this blog post, I will introduce the building blocks for creating a simple IoT application. To do this, I will use an Arduino microcontroller with a photocell (light intensity sensor), a node.js server for capturing and transferring the data, and a cloud service called plotly to visualise the data. By the end of this tutorial, we will have a functioning IoT application that you can customise to other use-cases.