Moderated Regression Package (pequod)
Moderated regression with mean and residual centering and simple slopes analysis.

Adaptive Sum of Powered Score Test (aSPU)
R codes for the (adaptive) Sum of Powered Score (‘SPU’ and ‘aSPU’) tests, inverse variance weighted Sum of Powered score (‘SPUw’ and ‘aSPUw’) tests and gene-based and some pathway based association tests (Pathway based Sum of Powered Score tests (‘SPUpath’) and adaptive ‘SPUpath’ (‘aSPUpath’) test, Gene-based Association Test that uses an extended Simes procedure (‘GATES’), Hybrid Set-based Test (‘HYST’), extended version of ‘GATES’ test for pathway-based association testing (‘Gates-Simes’). ). The tests can be used with genetic and other data sets with covariates. The response variable is binary or quantitative.

Compositional Data Analysis (compositions)
The package provides functions for the consistent analysis of compositional data (e.g. portions of substances) and positive numbers (e.g. concentrations) in the way proposed by Aitchison and Pawlowsky-Glahn.