Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) technology is an essential element of the decision support system and permits decision makers to visualize huge operational data for quick, consistent, interactive and meaningful analysis. More recently, data mining techniques are also used together with OLAP to analyze large data sets which makes OLAP more useful and easier to apply in decision support systems. Several works in the past proved the likelihood and interest of integrating OLAP with data mining and as a result a new promising direction of Online Analytical Mining (OLAM) has emerged. OLAM provides a multi-dimensional view of its data and creates an interactive data mining environment whereby users can dynamically select data mining and OLAP functions, perform OLAP operations (such as drilling, slicing, dicing and pivoting on the data mining results), as well as perform mining operations on OLAP results, that is, mining different portions of data at multiple levels of abstraction. … Online Analytical Mining (OLAM) google